Cosmetic injections have long been hailed as the fountain of youth, reducing wrinkles for a fresher appearance. However, at Privée Clinic we know the benefits of injectables extend far beyond a smooth brow! Read on for 10 alternate uses of anti-wrinkle injections – you might just be surprised.

1. Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)

Anti-wrinkle injections in an area prone to sweat inhibits the signal from the brain to the muscle needed to release the sweat. We often treat underarms for this problem, but palms and feet can be injected too. Firstly, a grid like pattern is marked out in the area, then a hyper-diluted solution of neurotoxin is injected superficially into the skin covering the area. Within a week the patient will be sweat free!

2. Teeth grinding

We treat a lot of people for painful teeth grinding at Privée. By delivering an anti-wrinkle injection to the masseter muscle in the jaw, we are able to reduce the ability to clench and grind teeth. This limits the excessive muscle activity which in turn stops the person from grinding. Injections in this area usually last 6 months. A side benefit of this can be the softening of a square jawline.

3. Weak jawline

We call this the Nefertiti Lift. Injections are placed along the length of the jawline to relax the muscle and give more definition to a jawline.

4. Resting Bitch Face

There is a muscle which attaches to the corner of the mouth and extends down to the jaw. Normal contraction of this muscle can pull the corners of the mouth down, creating that unwanted Resting Bitch Face appearance. By injecting and relaxing this muscle, we can subtly lift the corners of the mouth.

5. Orange peel chin

When the muscle on the chin contracts (mentalis muscle), it can give the surface of the skin a strange orange peel look. Over time this will cause superficial lines and wrinkles to become permanently etched and also create a deep horizontal line between the chin and the mouth, called a mental crease. Anti-wrinkle injections into this area will smooth the skin, rejuvenating the area.

6. Brow lift

When anti-wrinkle injections are placed just under the eyebrows and into the frown muscles, a brow lift can be achieved. Normally when these muscles contract they pull the whole brow down. When relaxed with a neurotoxin, the muscle cannot pull down and therefore the brow lifts.

7. Gummy smile

If you show a lot of gum when you smile, it’s usually because you have overactive muscles around your nose and mouth, causing the lip to be drawn too high. Injections into the muscles just beside the alar base of the nose can improve your smile by lessening the excessive pulling up of the lip.

8. Drooping nose tip

If your nose tip moves when you talk or droops when you smile, then anti-wrinkle injections in the base of the nose can stop the movement and help to lift the tip.

9. Ageing neck

The neck can quickly give over our true age! The neck is covered in a muscle which can form long stringy bands during contraction. These look unsightly, often contributing to the turkey neck and a less than defined jawline. Injecting into this muscle can rejuvenate this area.

10. Disappearing top lip

Many people lose their top lip when they smile, as the muscle contracts and the lip rolls inwards. Injections can be placed just above the border of the lip to stop the lip from doing this. It slightly everts the lip, and gives added plumpness.

If you're interested in any of the benefits above or have some pesky lines you want treated, book an appointment or consultation with one of our qualified and experienced injectors.