One of the most common beauty complaints, dark circles are undoubtedly a drag. Whether you blame yours on your mother or your party-hard lifestyle, under-eye concealer’s not the only solution. Because, while tricky to treat, dark circles can be improved. Read on to discover how.

Dark circle causes

Dark circles in the skin around the eyes can be caused by the underlying blood supply, pigmentation from sun damage, or under eye hollowness. A combination of genetics, thin skin, pale skin, poor circulation and environmental factors such as lack of sleep, alcohol, poor diet, allergies and toxins all cause dilation of the blood vessels and sluggish blood flow in this under eye area.

Hollowness under the eyes can also cast a shadow and create the illusion of darker circles, while superficial veins in the area can also increase the look of darkness.

Simple ways to improve them

The old remedies of cucumber slices, cold spoons and cold wet tea-bags all work by cooling the area down and vasoconstricting the blood vessels. Drinking lots of water and eating a diet full of fresh veggies and clean foods can help to detoxify the body, and may also help to improve dark circles caused by poor lifestyle choices.

Skincare ingredients to look out for

Skincare products that may help include creams and serums that contain kojic acid, Vitamin K or caffeine, as these help constrict the blood vessels. Vitamin A (retinoids) help by thickening the skin and by creating more collagen in the area. Vitamin C can help to brighten and lighten pigmentation. Finally, Hyaluronic Acid will help plump the skin by drawing more water to its surface.

Cosmetic treatment for dark circles

Cosmetic treatments that may improve dark circles include any treatment which aims to increase collagen and thicken the skin, such as RF skin resurfacing/diamond polar skin tighteningTissue regeneration treatments using the patient’s own blood can also improve circulation, heal damaged cells and revolumise the lax tissues caused by age related volume loss.

Soft tissue augmentation with fillers can improve dark circles caused from hollowness as it changes the way the light reflects, making the area appear lighter. Certain fillers also contain mesotherapy lightening ingredients which further aid dark circles, and IPL or laser treatments can improve darkness caused by pigmentation.

IPL, Radio frequency skin resurfacing and tissue regeneration treatments require approximately 3 treatments spaced 1 month apart, Diamond Polar Skin tightening will require 6 weekly treatments and fillers last 6-12 months and may need to be done over 2 appointments.