Healthy, active, and STILL can’t shift that double chin? Sub-mental fat injections have arrived at Privée Clinic and they could be the double chin treatment you’ve been searching for! Much less invasive and minus the downtime of surgical treatments like Liposuction, here’s everything you need to know about sub-mental fat injections.

What are sub-mental fat injections?

Used therapeutically for over 15 years, sub-mental fat injections were first used as a double chin treatment in 1995 by Brazilian physician, Dr Rittes. Primarily used to ‘melt away’ fat under the chin and redefine the jawline, the treatment involves a liquid lecithin solution being injected into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. The solution, derived from soya beans, breaks down the fat cell membrane, allowing fat to leak out and be transported to the liver via the lymphatic system. Here, it is metabolised and eliminated from the body.

Once the fat cell has been destroyed, it is gone forever. However, this doesn’t mean you should break out the doughnuts! A healthy lifestyle is important to avoid weight gain overall, as well as in your problem areas.

Can the treatment be used to reduce fat in other areas?

While most commonly used to treat a double chin, sub-mental fat injections can also be used successfully in other small areas such as the knees, stomach, love handles, inner/outer thighs, or saddle bags.

Who are these double chin injections suitable for?

Sub-mental fat injections are no substitute for a healthy diet and adequate exercise, and they are generally not suitable for overweight individuals. They can, however, be an incredibly effective treatment for people of a healthy weight concerned with small pockets of stubborn fat that do not respond to lifestyle changes.

Most healthy individuals can undergo the treatment; however, it is/may not be suitable for pregnant women, diabetics, people allergic to soy products, or those with vascular, liver or renal disease. Click here for the full list of contraindications.

How does this double chin treatment compare to others?

With Liposuction, there is a higher risk of defects in the contours of the skin, i.e. unevenness resulting from too much fat being taken. There is also more pain and, of course, the potential risks associated with surgery and sedation. Sub-mental fat injections with lecithin are also less invasive than some other fat dissolving injections, and typically yield a more even contour.

On the downside, results are less immediate than with surgery – it will take approximately four weeks before results start to become visible. Also bear in mind that the treatment involves significant swelling, since it works via inflammation.

What can I expert from the treatment?

The double chin reduction treatment will take around 20 minutes, with up to 40 injections administered. Local anaesthetic is mixed with the product to reduce the pain associated, with most people able to tolerate the procedure. As the breakdown of fat occurs through the inflammatory response, there is a considerable amount of swelling starting immediately during/after the treatment.

Other normal side effects that can be expected are warmth at the injection site, bruising, tenderness and sensitivity to pressure and pain in the treated area. Swelling typically remains for a minimum of one week, with most people able to return to work the day after treatment. Our tip: wear a scarf if you’re sensitive about your temporary turkey neck!

It will take approximately four weeks before results start to become visible. Be patient, as dramatic results can been seen if the recommended treatment regimen is followed.

How many treatments are required?

For double chin reduction, a minimum of two treatments, but typically three to four, is required. These are typically placed one month apart.

For more information on sub-mental fat injections at Privée, head here.