Cosmelan De-pigmentation Treatment by Mesoestetic 

Cosmelan is a topical brightening treatment that targets all types of brown patches and skin discolorations. It significantly reduces the blemishes caused by increased Melanin production by gently fading the pigment and suppressing further pigment from resurfacing.

This one off treatment is designed to address all types of pigmentation concerns including melasma. It is suitable for all skin types, it will lighten and brighten the skin equalising skin tone and increase luminosity.

What results can I expect?

This treatment consists of a specialised system aiming to:

  • Reduce all types of skin pigmentation including melasma and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation
  • Increase skin luminosity
  • Equalises skin tone
  • Inhibits the formation of melanin
  • Increases collagen production
  • Improves texture
  • Improves pore size

How does it work?

The Cosmelan treatment works by decreasing the skin’s melanin production by inhibition of the enzyme tyrosinase.

Inhibition of the tyrosinase is only activated during treatment application. When finished, the enzyme recovers its activity producing new melanin, particularly if there is sun exposure. Due to this, application of Home care products must be used to maintain results.

Under no circumstance does tyrosinase inhibition make the melanocytes disappear, but simply paralyses or stops melanin production, without risk of white blemishes appearing. Cosmelan action causes complementary inhibition of other enzymes involved in the eumelanin production process, like dopa tautomerase, among others.

Cosmelan 1 mask and Cosmelan 2 maintenance treatment formulas act on the different melanogenesis stages to increase effects and achieve certain synergy. they have been developed from vegetable and chemical origin to guarantee maximum level of tyrosinase inhibition.

What happens during the treatment and what are the side effects?

A mask is applied at our clinic that remains on your face for 8-12 hours dependant on your fitzpatrick skin type. Generally the darker your natural skin colour, the longer you will need to leave the mask on. The mask is washed off at home with warm water and you may expect 2 to 7 days of light to heavy peeling, redness, sensitivity and mild swelling. The next day after the treatment you will commence your skin program using 7 specific Mesoesthetic products. These products are used to prevent new pigment and to help control the sensitivity following the mask. You will remain on these products for a minimum of 4 months post treatment. It is important that you do not use any other product on your skin in the first 72 hours after the mask. This ensures there is no interaction between products and the results are predictable and consistent. After the initial week, skin appears luminous, revived, fresh and smooth. Some residual flakiness my continue for another week.

Advantanges over other pigmentation treatments

There are many advantages over alternative treatments including:

  • Only one treatment required.
  • Rapid lightening action.
  • Safe for all skin types and well tolerated.
  • For all kinds of skin blemishes of melanic origin including Melasma which is difficult to treat with lasers.
  • Can be used any season of the year.
  • Can treat hyperpigmentation caused from lasers and other treatments.
  • Gives the skin that dewy glow and builds collagen which increases skin firmness and texture.
  • Predictable and reliable results.

How long does it take?

The treatment itself takes about 20 mins.

Are there any contraindications?

  • Rosacea
  • Pregnancy
  • Patients under 12
  • Roacutane

Is there any downtime?

Moderate to strong peeling can be experienced during the first week following the mask. During the second week, mild flakiness and redness may be present. Mild redness can persist for 2-4 weeks following the peel but this may be easily covered with makeup. In general, makeup can be worn once the peeling has stopped, this may be as early as 5 days post treatment.



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