As we get older, the neck is often one of the first areas to really show our age. The skin in this area is much thinner and is therefore prone to ageing. We often forget to apply sunscreen to this area focusing on the face and this delicate skin gets forgotten. The skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, or we develop a small pocket of fat in the submental (under chin) area. Factors such as genetics, weight gain or loss, photo-ageing from UV exposure and overactive platysmal bands can all contribute to how the neck ages. The quality of the skin, the degree of skin ageing, skin laxity and the amount of submental fat present will guide the treatment options. Treatment options for neck ageing are categorised by skin laxity, neck adiposity and platysmal banding.

Treatment options for a fuller neck with good skin quality and minimal skin laxity include Multi-polar RF skin tightening to break down fat cells and rebuild collagen and elastin, and fat dissolving injections to reduce neck fullness. 

For a neck with minimal sub-mental fullness but with skin laxity and loss of collagen then treatment options include Multi-polar skin tightening, Radio-frequency resurfacing, PDO mono threads to tighten and stimulate collagen production, anti-wrinkle injections to the platysmal bands and skin boosters to the neck wrinkles. 

  1. Diamond Polar (Multipolar) Skin Tightening - As we age we lose collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkles, sagging and necklace lines. Venus Viva™ diamond polar applicator uses heat to naturally boost collagen production to tighten, lift and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is perfect for firming and lifting loose skin on the face and neck. It’s technology helps to sculpt the contours of the face and neck, providing a more youthful appearance. A gel is placed over the neck area to be treated and the skin is heated up to between 39-43 degrees celcius by running a specialised handpiece over the area for approximately 30 mins. At these higher temperatures, the multipolar handpiece can help permanently break down the fatty deposits under the chin and jawline. The treatment has no downtime and pain, and generally takes 30 mins. Typically we recommend 1 session per week for 6 weeks for optimal results.

  2. Sub-Mental Fat Injections - If you have a pocket of fat in the neck or under the chin, creating excessive fullness, submental fat injections can work wonders. These injections reduce fat under the chin, resulting in a more contoured neck profile and jawline. The solution is injected into the pre-platysmal fat layer, between the dermis and the platysmal muscle. The solution breaks open the fat cell membrane, the fat leaks out into the tissues and is engulfed by circulating white blood cells via the process of inflammation. It is then taken to the liver via the lymphatics where it is metabolised and then eliminated from the body. Once the fat cells have been destroyed, they are gone forever.

    Sub-mental fat injections have approximately 1 week of swelling and downtime due to the fact that the drug works through the process of inflammation. The number of injections and the number of treatments are tailored to the individual patient’s submental fat distribution and treatment goals. A minimum of 2 treatments is usually required. Common side effects include swelling, bruising, temporary numbness, itchiness and skin tightness.

  3. PDO Mono Threads - If you have minimal fat under the chin but have a loss of elasticity and loose skin, then PDO Mono Threads are a fantastic treatment for rebuilding collagen and tightening the neck area and defining the jawline.

    PDO Mono Threads work by injecting a thread made from polydioxanone which is an absorbent polymer, (the same material used in dissolvable sutures). They are a flexible and durable thread that is inserted into the face, neck or body, stimulating the formation of collagen around the thread and giving support to the tissues and a tightening effect to the skin. 

The thread itself lasts approximately 6 months before it gets reabsorbed by the body. The collagen built around the thread, however, will last for approximately 12-24 months. Post-treatment, there may be some bruising and tenderness that lasts for up to a week. 

  1. Neurotoxins to the platysmal neck bands - A large sheet of muscle called the platysma covers the neck and extends up over the mandible. This muscle over time, caused by excessive contraction, can form vertical neck bands which give the appearance of a saggy turkey neck. Clinical studies have shown that allowing these platysmal bands to go untreated can speed up neck ageing. Neurotoxin injections are injected superficially down each vertical neckband to relax the muscle and give a more contoured and smooth appearance

  2. Skin boosters -  These are thin hydrating fillers that are injected, either with a cannula or needle, into the dermis of the skin. They are composed of a sugar that is naturally occurring in the body and are hydrophilic in nature, which means water is attracted to the gel, creating intense hydration of the skin. Skinboosters are less volumising and more hydrating and are used to improve the textural appearance and quality of the skin. In the neck, these fillers can be used to fill necklace lines or to improve the general appearance of skin laxity.

  3. Radio-frequency resurfacing - the Venus Viva machine stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin by ablating microscopic portions of the skin using radiofrequency as the energy source. A handpiece with tiny pins on it is stamped over the neck. RF energy is sent down through the pin, which causes heating up of the tissues and consequent skin ablation. This kickstarts the body to go into wound healing mode whereby the body responds by creating more collagen and elastin. The result is a tighter, improved texture and a more youthful looking neck. 4 treatments are suggested, ideally spaced 4-6 weeks apart. 

Whether you struggle with loose skin or deposits of fat, we can help rejuvenate and define your neck to give you a youthful and glamorous appearance. 

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