In today’s youth obsessed culture, most people know about the use of anti-wrinkle injections for anti-ageing – they’re the gold standard treatment for eliminating lines caused from repeated facial expressions and muscle movement. But did you know injectables can also be used to reduce teeth grinding, slim the face, and soften an overly square jaw?

Injections to Reduce Teeth Grinding

In fact, anti-wrinkle injections have numerous lesser known medical and aesthetic uses, and are often used to treat conditions like migraines and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). And for those concerned with jaw pain and dental damage, they can be very effectively employed in the treatment of teeth grinding.

An increasingly common problem among stressed individuals, chronic teeth grinding is an embarrassing, painful and costly condition. Teeth can be worn down (not an attractive look), and grinders will often suffer from headaches and a stiff, painful jaw. While dental splints work as a band-aid for the problem, injectables can reduce teeth grinding for months at a time.

Injections for a Slimmer Face Shape

Excessive grinding and genetics can also contribute to an overdeveloped masseter muscle on either side of the jaw. By injecting in this area, an overly square jaw line can be slimmed down and a flattering, more oval face shape achieved!

Downtime & Frequency

Used by millions worldwide, anti-wrinkle injections are an effective treatment with no downtime. A purified form of botulism bacteria works by blocking nerve impulses needed for muscle contraction. Once the muscle is relaxed, it cannot be contracted. The undesirable facial expression – or in this case teeth grinding – is reduced or eliminated.

For injections to the masseters (jaw), teeth grinding will be reduced after one week with visual slimming to the jaw occuring after approximately eight weeks. The treatment can be effective for up to 6-12 months; however, a second treatment may be required initially to gain the appropriate amount of slimming if the muscle is extra strong or bulky. For chronic teeth grinders, treatment may be needed every six months. After regular treatment, the dosage may be reduced and top-ups spaced out further.

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